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Photographing in Poppy FieldsPhotographs

Most of the photographs on this site were taken using a Nikon D70 with either a Nikon 18-70 AF-S DX lens or a Nikon 75-300 AF lens. There are a few pictures taken using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 as well as an increasing number of pictures taken using a Canon SD870IS. Most photos were shot hand-held, though at least some were shot using either a Bogen 3001 tripod or a Velbon Maxi 343E tripod. In addition, a Nikon SB-600 speedlight was used in many of the photos, along with a Better Beamer Flash Extender.

Most photographs taken with the D70 were shot in RAW and post-processed afterwards. Photographs taken with the Coolpix 4500 are derived from the original JPEG files. Photos taken from the SD870IS are shot either in native JPEG format or in RAW format using the CHDK software. Apart from adjusting tonalities and colors some photographs also had imperfections removed using cloning. However, these were kept to a minimum and all photographs are essentially what was seen by the camera. Some photographs are composites of either multiple exposures or multiple RAW settings - they are marked as High Dynamic Range (HDR). All captive animals are marked as such. The banner images are crops of gallery photographs. All Flash videos were taken using the Canon SD870IS and converted to the Flash video format using ffmpeg.

If you would like copies of any of the photographs, please contact me. All images are significantly reduced in size from their original format.

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