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Looking towards the sunsetI am an astrophysicist turned data scientist; I took what I learned studying exotic stars and have applied it to studying perhaps even more exotic humans. All while enjoying, and photographing, the beautiful area around Seattle and the world.

I spent 6 years immersed in astronomy while pursuing my PhD at Caltech under the direction of Professor Tom Prince. My focus was discovering ultra-compact binary star systems using the Palomar Transient Factory synoptic survey, all while building the data tools needed to deal with terabytes of photometric data. Before my studies at Caltech, I was an undergraduate at Cornell University and spent some time there working on Spitzer/IRS data.

I am currently a data and applied scientist in the Customer Data and Analytics group at Microsoft. Our group handles a variety of problems, though my recent specialization has been on text analytics, particularly summarization of user feedback. I've also worked on fraud detection, predictive modeling, and various studies of user behavior.