I am an astrophysicist turned data scientist. After completing my PhD at Caltech, I have joined a data and analytics group at Microsoft in Bellevue, WA. While at Caltech, I studied compact binary star systems using the Palomar Transient Factory synoptic survey under the direction of Professor Tom Prince. I am originally from downstate New York but moved to Pasadena, CA from Ithaca, NY, where I was an undergraduate at Cornell University, and now to the Seattle area.

Besides astrophysics, I spend the most amount of time photographing, hiking/traveling, and sailing. I mostly photograph nature (both wildlife and landscape), but sometimes find other subjects as well. Many of my better photographs are on this site and come from the hikes I've done in this area as well as my travels. Sailing is a newer passion for me, but one that I've greatly enjoyed. I've also always been interested in computers and have worked quite a bit with software development.

Additionally, I enjoy swimming, cross country skiing, inline and ice skating, reading science fiction and fantasy novels, and watching movies (mostly science fiction, fantasies, and comedies). In the past I also played hockey and would sometime love to get another chance to play.

On the rest of my website, I've tried to include some more information about myself and my interests. There are photographs on almost every page, but there's specifically a Gallery section which has some of my better ones. In addition, I post pictures from my hikes and travels in the Recent Trips section.